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Rémi Maglione

Rémi Maglione

Harvest Genomics get a MITACS Accelerate Entrepreneur grant in partnership with UQAM for a Cannabis Greenhouse Biosurveillance project

We’re pleased to announce that we get funded by the MTACS Accelerate Entrepreneur program for a project in partnership with UQAM and supported by Apollo13. With this grant, we will develop a Greenhouse Biosurveillance platform with portable sequencing.

This project will be done in collaboration with Professor Steven Kembel,
a specialist in microbial ecology and plant microbiomes from UQAM

The main goal of this project will be to build the Air microbiome profile of Cannabis greenhouse. As we’re thrived at Harvest Genomics to deploy sequencing solutions for on site testing, we will use a Nanopore portable machine.

Thanks to this MITACS support, this Biosurveillance project has the potential to solve many other questions related to cleanup success, nutritive solution purity, air balance between the different room of Cannabis production, … The microbiome sky is the limit!

Call for participant producers are still open. If you’re interested to bring the next generation of sequencing tools for microbiome survey of your Cannabis facilities, feel free to contact us.

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