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Microbiome analysis help you to asses soil quality and fertility. More over, you can even test for soil diseases

The basics

An healthy Soil is the shelter of billions of microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungus, virus and more. Together they shape what we call ‘The MICROBIOME‘. The microbiome community play an important role on soil fertility and resilience. It contribute to the degradation of organic matter and nutrient recycling. Moreover, it can help the soil to get the perfect structure and water retention. Thus, microbiome analysis will help you understand what’s under your feet and facilitate every decision to make to get an healthy and fertile soil

Every living soil organisms has its own DNA. By using latest sequencing technology, we ca reveal its sequence. As human fingerprint,  DNA act as a barcode. Indeed, every single organism can be identify by comparing this “barcode” with known ones, thanks to online database!

The Solutions




Latest  sequencing technologies coupled to powerful computational analysis will unleashed the microbiome signature of your soil.

As human, every microorganism has DNA and at Harvest Genomics, we can easily use it to detect the presence and relative abundance of all bacteria and fungi on your soil.


Microbiome analysis ...

Help you choosing the best agriculture practices to improve soil productivity and resilience and increase your competitiveness


Microbiome analysis ...

Help you evaluate the consequences of soil modifications such as pH, organic matter, compaction, drainage and more


Microbiome analysis...

To support regulatory authorities in the best directions to take for the Ag sector

Our service


Bacteria & Fungi

Bacteria & Fungi

By Taxonomic annotation we can provide a full profile of know organisms detected in your soil: from pathogen to beneficial bacteria


Alpha & Betadiversity

Alpha & Betadiversity

Alpha and beta diversity are index that indicate the presence and relative abundance of microorganisms


Microorganism Abundance

Differential Abundance Analysis

DAA allows you to understand the impact of your new agriculture practices

1- Profile of all bacteria, based on marker genes
2- Alpha & beta diversity are indexes that reveal the true biodiversity of your soil.
3- Analyzing the abundance of your soil microorganism between different agriculture practices, allow you take the control of your field bi quickly react to potential issue and shift to a better management. We provide state-of-the-art DAA analysis for every needs.

Soil Biodiversity

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