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Tomato Virus Testing


Tomato viruses, such as Tomato Brown Rugose Virus (ToBRFv), are deadly diseases that cause each year billions dollars of losses world-wide. Control measures are currently very limited, forcing producers to rely on the elimination of infected plants. The routine activities in greenhouses, such as labour, contaminated tools and equipment move, can quickly spread the virus. Virus can infect many plants before symptoms could be visually detected. Thus, early Virus detection is needed



 TomatoViroGenomics™ is a sequencing-based test for a highly specific Virus detection.

 Results of TomatoViroGenomics™ are delivered within 48h after samples arrival at our facility

" Based on sequencing, TomatoViroGenomics specificity overperform any other commercially available tests "

Methods approved during a blind project

 Our TomatoViroGenomics™ has been validated during a blind pilot project in connection with
Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers
We’re currently working on the future application of the TomatoViroGenomics™ test to make it portable

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