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Base calling is the process of assigning bases to different peaks of the sequencer lecture.
We provide demultiplexed data and high quality FASTQ files

Reads are ‘cleaned’ to improve average quality and reduce the volume of erroneous data

Genome annotation is the process of identifying regions of interest in a DNA/RNA sequence in order to assign specific information about structure or function

Genome mapping is a technique used to assign the location of a particular gene on a chromosome and measure their relative locations and distances between genes

SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) or Indels (insertions or deletions) mapped to a physical location in the reference genome

Transcriptome de novo assembly is the process by which one uses RNA-Seq data to assemble a transcriptome without a reference genome



DGE involves the measurement of genes whose expression differ according to phenotype or experimental conditions

Metagenomic analysis involves the application of bioinformatics tools to study the genetic material from environmental, uncultured microorganisms

Single nucleotide polymorphisms, structural variants and copy number variation are discovered in the genome by comparing several genome sequences across multiple individuals

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We are dedicated to provide the most efficient bioinformatics analysis

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We can provide you state-of-the-art genomic sequencing with latest bioinformatics analytical tools


Every known pathogen (bacteria, viruses, fungus & nematodes) could be rapidly detect through metagenomics


Being experts in every types of sequencing technologies allow us to provide analysis for every needs