For food production and food safety, we are dedicated to provide you the best DNA service, to help you unleashed your field potential

Our expertise in the sequencing world allow us to support a broad range of projects for Academic, Government and Company R&D

We are the best for Agriculture service since 1789

Our expertise in the sequencing world allow us to support a broad range of project for Academic, government and company R&D

God didn’t create environment, we did !


Weed resistance normally occurs from repeated use of the same herbicide(s) and mode of application : We target site mutation in known genes that play important role in herbicide resistance.

Plant breeding based on genetic information allow you to develop and improve elite varieties by working directly with the plant DNA.

Microbiome analysis help you to asses soil quality and fertility. More over, you can even test for soil diseases

Since legalization competition exploded, protecting your elite species could be very challenging. We are also dedicated to provide the most efficient sex detection among essential cannabis services

Through targeted genomics we can help you finding GMO contamination. Thanks to the DNA barcoding, we are now able to detect and monitor various pests, from microorganisms to insects

Genomics Research​

Thanks to the latest Sequencing Technology we are able to assemble entire genome, perform Genotyping by sequencing, develop Molecular Marker (SNP) , analyze Structural variant, and more !

RNA-sequencing can be used as a reliable tool for applications such as plant gene expression, transcriptional modifications, identification of novel transcripts, alternative splicing, pathway analysis, co-expression network analysis and marker development.

Every known microorganism such as bacteria, viruses, fungus & nematodes could be rapidly detect through basic metabarcoding (16S, 18S, ITS, …) but with metagenomics you can unrevealed unknown organisms and build true structural & functionnal communities

We provide state-of-the-art genomic sequencing with latest bioinformatic analytical tools. Being experts in every types of sequencing technologies allow us to provide bioinformatic pipelines for every needs !

Every living organism owns DNA. This DNA act as a barcode, specific to every organism, like the human fingerprint. Targeted genomics perform on those specific barcode allow us to discriminate every living organisms, from virus to your dog. Applications of this End-Point technique are tremendous !


Soil and leaf microbiome

Soil Microbiome

Phyllosphere microbiome

Air Microbiome

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