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Rémi Maglione

Rémi Maglione

Harvest Genomics Inc. made the cover of the Greenhouse Canada Magazine with its sequencing-based rugose test

Featured in the September 2021 issue of the Greenhouse Canada Magazine, Harvest Genomics Inc. (HGI) made the cover with its ToBRFv sequencing-based test.

After almost one year from its early development, this testing is already used by the industry and are in the way to become the most advanced solutions for producers on the market. Indeed, it already overcome issue faced by the greenhouse sector that faced false positive results and long testing delay yielded by limitation of the other molecular available testing.

Early this year, HGI received a grant from OGVG to improve its testing capabilities. A few month later, customers were happy to now benefits from a swab-based testing kit, that ease a lot their sampling processes while preventing risk of cross contamination.

HGI, after closing its 1000 test this month will engage in a government & industry partnership to improve the samples volume capacity and tune the quantitative aspect of the test.

Harvest Genomics Inc. want to thanks people from OMAFRA, OGVG and AAFC for their support.

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