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Since legalization competition exploded, protecting your elite lines could be very challenging. We can help you build your strain ID database from high density makers to the entire genome

PATHOGEN diagnostic

In a controlled environment every detail plays an important role and pathogen management could be very difficult. We can help you detect cannabis pathogen (HpLV, Fusarium, and more) Before & After Infection

Sex detection

With regulation needs and breeding program, testing for THC & CBD is not an easy task. Thanks to most advance sequencing technologies we are able to test for EVERY known Cannabis genes 


After putting lots of energy in developing your elites species, genetics drift could arise on your mother plant and ruined all your valuable work. We can help you to prevent that with a  check of your elite genetic over time

Sex detection

We are dedicated to provide the most efficient and affordable sex detection service

Strain ID : How it works

A client sent us several stems samples. We took care of the lab procedure within the same week.
Here is some of the key results he get in his report :
" Protecting your elites strains
has never been so easy "​

our expertisE

Genotyping by sequencing

We can provide you cost efficient GBS with latest bioinformatics analysis as their highest standard


Through gold standard molecular marker procedure we are able to deliver a broad range of application: from Cannabis sex detection to pathogen Detection


Being experts in every types of sequencing technologies allow us to provide applications for every needs

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